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Subject: Power vs Style
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trixxa 7/8/2006 - 10:26:40
Wat r u more into wen it comes 2 breakdancing? Im more into power moves but im trying 2 get more style wit poppin n lockin also. *

bboydv8 7/8/2006 - 5:00:00
ok im a style kinda guy cos power is very limited wen it to combinations. Oh btw poppin and lockin aint part of bboyn unless u incorporate it into ur toprock and groundwrks. Bt neva on its own. *

douknwme 7/8/2006 - 11:53:50
hey as a girl power doesn't matter its gettin the styles and combinationations *

bboydv8 7/9/2006 - 11:37:44
Even though ur a gal i wudnt say power doesnt mata. To be a great breaker u need to be able to incorporate all of the elements. Cos equilibrium is key nd if u want specialize bt dnt 4get the elements. And rememba power is nothn without style. *

fhm.chik 7/11/2006 - 4:09:38
Id hav 2agree cz all this tym ive jus bn workn wit style n in a way it limits u. recently my bf has bn teachn me sum groundwork n the flares r goin rly wel 4me. chicks nly nd a bit of practice n its xtremely easy. *

bboydv8 7/11/2006 - 4:54:27
Gud to here that gals are getn into the breaking scene. One thing ive learnt there are definitely sum power moves that are easier for chicks to get out in comparison to guys. HEY ONCE YOU GOT YOUR MOVES OUT HOLLA BACK WIT NE COMBINATIONS U PERFECTED. OH N BE HONEST WE ALL NO HOW PEEPS CAN TALK BT NT SHOW DA GUDS. *

obese 7/13/2006 - 8:38:21
Both.. Power is dope if u can flow with combos, but even sicker if u got style and originality. *

billsmam 22.05.08 - 06:48pm
bein a gurl iza both power n style....but da gurls dat i kno even maself we do style cuz orignallity wins wit moves *

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