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Subject: Combinatrix
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bboydv8 7/11/2006 - 5:02:37
Yo bboys and bgals. We all know wat power and style is. bt can can yall combine it smoothly while hitting wicked beats or makn da sng work at your pace. Ok this 1 of my combos first my toprock incorporating indian step its wicked styln wen mixd wit my kapoeira uprock. This is followd by a flare into a planch into a flare into mills into turtles into jackhammer followd by six step some grounds works finishn wit a spinnin air chair *

obese 7/13/2006 - 8:46:53
Im strugglin wid air chairz, my wrists are busted lol.. Lets see.. Uprock, flair, single jack hamma, flair(2) follow through wid a reverse sweep into fly millz finishing off wid a mini head spin to sum grounworkz and a freez.. We should upload sum vids. *

bboydv8 7/13/2006 - 12:53:20
Yo i got some wrist trainin tips for you. Use like 10 kg just for ur wrist do 3 sets of 15 wrist curls. Then try to hold the keropee position for 1min. Then keropee wit legs in mid air for 1min. This shud easily strengthen ur wrist. Btw is ur airchair a low freeze or is it piked? *

mrperfct 27.11.07 - 01:22am
could you describe a keropee im new to this *

bboydv8 27.02.08 - 07:04am
ok a keropee position is when you place your knees on your elbows while keeping your body weight up using your hands...thats all there is to it and just balance *

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