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Subject: Help me =)
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coldzice 10.11.07 - 01:36am
If anybodys from glasgow and knows how a can start learning to break dance SuTm Ive always wanted to do no experience total beginner ?? Help me PLzz *

bboydv8 11.11.07 - 06:44pm
any1 from glasgow to help this guy out lol? dude even if you got no1 to help you use the internet although having sum1 help you is much better..this would be a good way to get started..try six stepping and toprocking after that go for your power and freezes youll learn as you go along *

coldzice 15.11.07 - 03:22pm
bit hard if i dont have the internet lol and me dun even on wtf toprocking Bksteppin tripleheadflick fronttwistflybomb is all about Lmao =( *

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